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How to Become a Better, More Productive Writer

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I'm a new author who has published two books this year with another on the way in mid-December. I self-published on my own. Other than editing and cover design, I did everything myself including launch and promotion. I shared the following tips on how to become a better, more productive writer recently in my book, Author Unleashed: Simple Strategies to Write Your Book--Fast.

5 Tips to Make Writing Every Day a Habit

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Whether you want to write a book, start a blog, or create compelling web content, you need practice. However, writing every day can be a tough habit to form. Life inevitably gets in the way. Here are some of the strategies I used to write every day until it became habit.

Video: 6 Steps to Write Your Book

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Writing a book is a tremendous accomplishment. Whether you dream of being an author, or whether you're an entrepreneur who wants to increase sales and demonstrate your authority--writing a book doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, you can write a book in as little as 30 days.

Write a Book in 30 Days

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Want to write a book, but don't have time? Use this chart to plan out your book and write it in just 30 days.

5 Reasons Why You Should Write a Book

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Ever considered writing a book? Here are 5 reasons why you should write a book. Go for it. Unleash your author. Don't wait for someday.

Are You Ready to Write a Book?

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Have you ever thought about writing a book? What's stopping you? Step out of your comfort zone; you may be surprised what you learn about yourself.

5 Ways to Find More Time for Writing

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Are you a writer who struggles to find time to get everything done? Here are 5 ideas to carve time out of your day for writing.

Writing a Book, But Short on Ideas?

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Want to write a book, but have no ideas? Tell your unique story. Get unstuck.

Dictation–Your Writing on Steroids

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Dictation is an excellent productivity hack for authors to use to quickly speak their writing and save time.