Do you want to write a book? Here’s a chart you can use to plan how to write a book in 30 days. The up-front work is important–a solid outline helps get you in the flow of writing.

This plan assumes you’ll end up with an 18,000 word book–a great target for non-fiction books. If you’re writing fiction, this would be the length of a novella. If you want to write a full-length novel, aim for 50,000 words.

This plan provides you two-to-three days to write each chapter. You may end up writing faster or slower than this. During week one, I recommend you re-read your introduction after you get past chapter one. Think of it as a sanity check–are you writing about what you promised your reader in the introduction?


As you write each chapter, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is each chapter solving a specific pain point?

  • Is a solution presented?

  • Am I saying this in a way that’s clear to my reader, but also not dumbing things down?

  • Is my reader either learning something valuable and/or being entertained?

  • Did I provide examples or stories that illustrate my point?

What do you think about writing a book in 30 days?

To learn more about writing a book, check out my book, Author Unleashed: Simple Strategies to Write Your Book–Fast. It’s packed with tips to get you on your way to having a finished book draft in as little as 30 days.


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