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Optimize Your Amazon Keywords

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Are you clueless when it comes to choosing the 7 Amazon keywords for your books? Maybe you've heard you should stuff lots of terms into the fields? Do these keywords even matter? Yes. It's easier than you think to optimize your Amazon keywords. Recently I attended the Career Author Summit (May 2020). This event was originally [...]

The Surprising Truth About Prosperous Authors

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One of the biggest misconceptions I hear about becoming an author is that you must struggle, that there’s no money in writing. The surprising truth is that there are plenty of prosperous authors who are killing it right now, selling tons of books, and doing what they love. When my parents heard that I wanted to [...]

8 Ninja Book Launch Tactics When You’re On a Budget

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Let’s face it, launching a book is expensive. Marketing costs for NYT bestselling launch campaigns can run upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. When you’re an indie author who is self-publishing, marketing your book is perpetual. You can't afford to overspend on one book when you have more coming. Consider using these low-cost ninja book [...]

How to Run a Book Pre-Order Campaign: Generate Buzz for Your Launch

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Have you launched a book and found it difficult to sell copies? Maybe you tried paid advertising and lost money, or posted about your new book on social media, but heard crickets? If so, it could be time to rethink your launch strategy. Many traditionally published authors include a 2-3 month pre-order phase. Selling copies to [...]

Self-Publish using Draft2Digital

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Why limit yourself to Amazon? Go wide with your distribution. Draft2Digital offers indie authors simple tools to publish books.

7 Tips for a Bestselling Book Launch

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There are 4 million+ Kindle books on Amazon today. Self-publishing basics such as quality cover design, keyword optimization, and professional editing are now the price of entry for self-publishing. If you launch a garbage book--if you cut corners--you're going to see lackluster sales, or worse: terrible reviews. Here are 7 tips for a bestselling book launch.

A Simple Way to Track Your Book Expenses

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You wrote a book! Congratulations, but you're not done yet. Indie authors are responsible for designing a cover, hiring a professional editor, and marketing. As you start to engage in these activities, it's a good idea to budget for and track your book expenses as you go. I offer a simple way to track your book expenses.

Staying Productive and Finding Focus

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Is your to-do list out of control? Take a step back by staying productive and finding focus. Here are tools and books that can help.

How to Make a Plan for Maximum Book Success

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Writing a book? Maximize your book success by treating it like a project. Use this project charter example for up-front planning. Make your book stand out.

Signs You’re an eBook Author

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11 signs you're an e-book author. Got "insomn-idea-phoria"?