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How to Rescue a Struggling Project

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When we're faced with a struggling project at work, we look for root cause, and then determine ways to improve. The same principles can apply to the projects we tackle in our personal lives. Learn 6 ideas for rescuing a struggling project.

27 Things I Learned from a Layoff

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In early 2015, my company eliminated my job along with another 3 dozen or so of my colleagues. I had worked there for 15 years, and it came as a shock. Here are 27 things I learned from a layoff.

Forget the To Do List. Make a Stop Worrying List

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A mountain of to-do's keeping you up at night? Stop stressing by ditching the to-do list. Make a stop worrying list instead.

Write a Book in 30 Days

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Want to write a book, but don't have time? Use this chart to plan out your book and write it in just 30 days.

5 Ways to Find More Time for Writing

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Are you a writer who struggles to find time to get everything done? Here are 5 ideas to carve time out of your day for writing.

Why You’re Really Procrastinating

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Try this simple technique next time you find yourself stuck procrastinating on important tasks.