5 Reasons Why You Should Not Quit Writing

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Writing is tough enough on a good day. When you have a bad day, negative thoughts can spiral out of control. You may be tempted to give up, but do not quit writing! Faced with challenges, it seems like nothing goes your way. Rising expenses, a never-ending to-do list, a rude coworker, not enough time. The [...]

Self-Publish using Draft2Digital

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Why limit yourself to Amazon? Go wide with your distribution. Draft2Digital offers indie authors simple tools to publish books.

How to Make a Plan for Maximum Book Success

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Writing a book? Maximize your book success by treating it like a project. Use this project charter example for up-front planning. Make your book stand out.

Write a Book in 30 Days

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Want to write a book, but don't have time? Use this chart to plan out your book and write it in just 30 days.

Dictation–Your Writing on Steroids

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Dictation is an excellent productivity hack for authors to use to quickly speak their writing and save time.

5 Self-Publishing Basics You Must Get Right

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Have you ever dreamed of being an author? Amazon has made it easier than ever to self-publish. Understand the basics and then get started on your book!