What Did You Do Today?

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2 awesome ways to get more creative work done, in the time you have!

A Secret Weapon to Help You Write More

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Pomodoro for Ultimate Time Management

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Do you struggle to get work done? Is your schedule jam packed and you’re doing a lot of busy work but not getting “deep work” done? Pomodoro is a time management technique that will help you get more done—consistently.  Pomodoro is an Italian word meaning tomato and is named after a tomato-shaped kitchen timer used by Francesco [...]

Time Management: Where Your Time is Going and How to Get It Back

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"If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it." - Lucille Ball You are careful about time management. You’ve cut 90% of distractions. You don’t check your email until later in the day after you’ve spent time getting important work done. You batch tasks and avoid multitasking. You’re following all the time management rules, [...]

10 Ways to Get Organized, Clear Your Head, and Set Yourself Up For Success

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Feeling overwhelmed with clutter? Here are 10 ways you can get organized starting today! Think of each step as something you can do in 10 to 15 minute chunks. You can spend an afternoon working through everything on the list or tackle them bit by bit each day.

Rescue A Bad Day – 10 Ways to Be Productive Even When You Feel Awful

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Ever have one of those days where you don’t feel well and all you want in the world is to be a couch potato? And your long to-do list is calling you, but your brain and body are not cooperating. It’s going to an unproductive day. Before you give up, try these ten tips to rescue [...]

How to Build a Treadmill Desk. Get Fit While You Work

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Authors and entrepreneurs are busy people. We sit every day for many hours to write, blog, email, or plan our next project. We hustle, and we love entrepreneurship because it’s fun. We create intellectual assets and build our businesses. There’s just one problem. We sit too much and it’s hurting us. Consider building a treadmill desk [...]

Establish a Morning Routine

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An excerpt from my book Layoff Reboot:   Establish a Morning Routine This was a game changer for me. Once my job ended, I felt a bit lost. I spent two weeks feeling sorry for myself and wondering what to do. I cleaned up some of the clutter in my house, but nothing was moving me [...]

3 Simple Steps to Focus and Get on Track with your Writing

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When you’re a creative person full of ideas, you can get overwhelmed. It’s important to focus and finish what you start. Here are 3 simple ways to stay focused on your writing.

Growth Mindset: How to Thrive When Faced with Setbacks and Challenges

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Struggling with setbacks and challenges? A shift in thinking called growth mindset can help you overcome, and even thrive in tough situations.