Is it possible to earn a Number One Amazon New Release spot with just one email? Yes, and here is how that happened for one of my book launch clients.

I work with authors to help them develop a book launch strategy. Recently, I began working with an author who runs a successful health and wellness business, and I want to share a great outcome. With just one email to her list, she grabbed a #1 New Release spot on Amazon.

She has published before—once through self-publishing—and this is her first book with a traditional publisher. However, they had nothing to do with this promotion idea. (In fact, my author had to alert her publisher that the book had earned a top spot in its Amazon category!)

When I first saw the cover design the publisher presented, I nearly fell out of my chair! It was dark, all-text with no images and a strange (hard to read font).

It was not the high quality one would expect from a traditional publisher, particularly one of the top New York publishers.

Well, the author was not happy either, and so began a tug of war with the publisher as we desperately tried to convince them that, yes, people DO judge a book by its cover (just ask all the bestselling authors on Amazon). 

I ended up recruiting a cover designer to create a unique and iconic design for the book. Ultimately, the publisher agreed to use the designer’s image, and the author came away with a cover she was thrilled with. 

Announcing the Book – 6 Months Early. Yes, really!

Next, the author asked me when she should announce the new book. Her book comes out in March 2021. We are 6 MONTHS away from her pub date. 

Most people would say that’s way too early to start marketing the book, right? But here’s the thing—when you have a pre-order strategy in place, you can build buzz for your book long before you launch.

Pre-orders can help you achieve a spot on bestseller lists (if that’s something you want, that’s not a goal for everyone).

Whether it’s six weeks or six months, the best reason to have a pre-order phase is to lure your readers along on a journey.

You want to bring your readers with you. Think about it… How many people know what it’s like to publish a book, much less write one? You’re kind of a rock star in case you didn’t know! What if you shared the ideas that shaped your novel, how much it meant to you as you struggled with a changing world, or how you managed to finish your book even though you just had a baby? 

Real. Human. Stories. 

That’s what people gravitate toward. 

So, how did one email get my client a #1 New Release on Amazon? 

The author was ecstatic when I pointed out she had both the #1 and #2 New Release spots for her hardcover and ebook, respectively.

And it was all from one email sent to her list.

Was her book website ready? No. 

Did she have all her book launch social graphics ready? No.

Did she even post on social media about the book? No.

All she needed was an email and the link to the Amazon pre-order. She simply shared the new cover and told the story about her “discussions” with the publisher and how the challenge of picking the right cover was harder than she’d ever expected.

Finally, she included the Amazon link in case people wanted to look at the book. No pushy sales. Just one simple story and a link.

She asked for feedback and genuinely responded to those who emailed her back with appreciation and thanks. 

There are simple ways you can create stories about your writing journey. You’re not making up salesy gimmicks; these are stories that exist already. It’s just that maybe you haven’t thought about sharing them in this way.

Here are story ideas to get your brain thinking:

  • Why did you decide to write this book? Why now?

  • Fiction: What’s the theme of the book? What does it say about the world?

  • Nonfiction: What one message do you hope people will walk away with after reading your book?

  • What is a powerful quote from the book, and what does it mean?

  • How did you come up with the cover?

  • What obstacles were you up against when writing or publishing? How did you overcome them?

  • What characters are most similar to you? Most opposite?

  • What other books inspired you?

I hope these prompts gave you some new ideas.


It’s never too early to start promoting (and creating buzz) for your book. Check out why by reading this.

Consider a pre-order several months in advance.

Pull back the curtains and bring your reader with you on the journey to publish.

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