I’m an author, like you!

When I’m not coaching authors on how to finish their books and strategizing bestselling book launch plans, I’m busy writing. In 2015, I reconnected with my love of writing and have published multiple non-fiction books.

I’m proud to run my own author business and try my best to support and give back to the indie author and self-publishing community.

Creating Space to Thrive

Living Groundhog Day? Stuck in a rut?  Break free with a few simple habits.  Imagine spending more time on things that matter: Your passions, hobbies & creative deep work. You can, in just 15 minutes a day.

Blank-page syndrome? The struggle is real. You’re a writer.  You entertain the world with your stories.  But writing and marketing feels like an endless loop.  Ready to make it fun again?
Unleash Your Author

Want to write a book? Make it happen.  Most people dream of writing a book, but never begin. Not you!  Journey from idea to finished book.  A plan to write your book in 30 days.

Layoff Reboot

Want to start something great?  What if you could course correct?  Change careers? Featured in Cosmopolitan magazine, this book has helped people overcome burn out, layoffs, and rejection.