Kanban is a concept from agile project management that can help you get more done, fast! There are several digital kanban tools out there that can help you be even more productive.

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According to TheTopTens website, here are Kanban software tools for personal use that ranked in their top 10 list.


  • Kanban Tool   – Offers a visual project management Kanban board and a free 30 day trial. Also used by 25,000 businesses and was top Kanban tool for business, as well as personal.


  • Kanban Pad – The website claims it’s the “Happiest Project Management Tool on Earth.” I like the sound of that! Free tool and they state you can started in just a few minutes.


  • Lino – Sticky  note and photo sharing. Offers a fun visual display. Free to sign up and an app can be downloaded as well.


  • Kanbanize – Offers a free trial, email integration, time tracking, and you can set up “if this, then that” rules for automating repetitive tasks. Claims “300% productivity increase without changing anything.”


  • Virtual Kanban – This website is in beta testing and lets you go in and add tasks right from your screen. No need to register, log in, or download the tool. The functionality is basic, but if you’re looking for an idea of how Kanban could work for you, this would be a good tool. Of course, with any beta tool, you run a risk that there could be issues.


  • Trello – Probably the most popular tool on this list. Free and lets you share your Kanban board with others, add members to your team. The best part is that it’s free! If you’re a list person, it’s a great way to visually capture ideas and all the moving tasks that need to go into projects.


  • Kanban Flow – Nice feature where you can track your time using a Pomodoro timer. You can attach files to your board. Let’s you create a free account and there’s an option to upgrade to premium.


  •  Kanbanery – Free trial and low pricing per team member for premium accounts. Offers weekly project summary emails.


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What do you think about these tools? Any tools that the TopTens list missed?