Recently, my to-do list was getting out of control, so I took a step back to work on staying productive and finding focus. Here are a few things that helped me do that…

How to Stay Productive and Find Focus:

I started using a Google Chrome extension called, Momentum. With so many moving pieces going into my book launch, I was getting overwhelmed. I’d go through my day and end up with about 50 website tabs open–not a joke! Recently, I closed all of those and I’m trying to limit open tabs to only 5 at a time.

You simply install Momentum, and when you open a new tab in Chrome, a beautiful picture appears that’s personalized to your name and location. It prompts you to enter in your main priority for the day. It attempts to eliminate distractions for you by limiting the number of tabs you can open at one time.

Here’s an example of my screen:

 Momentum tool for staying productive and finding focus

Perfect! I’m loving it so far and feel much more focused.

Article I’m digging

I stumbled across an article that gives 45 ways to avoid using the word ‘very.’ Click here to read it.  This is useful advice for anyone who writes. Consider this the next time you’re writing an email, social media post, or a review.

Recommended books 

I network with many authors and lately, I’ve been privileged to read several recent releases that you may be interested in. Many of these are FREE or reduced price since they are launching.*

Laser Sharp Focus

Laser-Sharp Focus. A No-Fluff Guide to Improved Concentration, Maximised Productivity and Fast-Track to Success 

I just started reading this, and I love author Joanna Jast’s ideas on how to bring focus to your life. She writes in a thoughtful way and this is definitely not a fluff book.


Brain-Ding The Strategy: A successful marketing plan has to include BRAIN-DING as the ultimate strategy

Francisco Serrano is a branding expert with over 20 years of experience. I appreciated his take on going beyond branding to truly emotionally engage with customers–what he calls “brain-ding.” This book is a short read and has excellent infographics.

Build Your Beauty Brand

Build Your Beauty Brand: Find Your Niche, Captivate Your Clients, and Grow the Salon Business of Your Dreams

Author Holly Hall is a hoot! She writes about building a beauty brand in a funny and engaging way. I’m not in the beauty business, but many of her tips can apply to any small business. As an entrepreneur, I took away several practical ideas from Holly’s book.

Maybe these books appeal to you, or you know someone who would enjoy them. Happy reading!

*Please note that these are affiliate links so if you choose to purchase these books, I will receive a small commission.