1. You drive your family nuts because you must write one more page before you can get dressed / eat breakfast / be human.

2. It’s more important to track your daily word count than your bank account.

3. After heading into another room for something, you glance at your phone’s social media notifications and immediately zone out, completely forgetting what you needed.

4. You never leave the house without pen and paper in case an idea strikes.

5. You wake up three nights a week with insomn-idea-phoria.

6. You spend more time editing than writing.

7. You’re finally okay with deleting half your content every time you edit.

8. You memorize the Amazon ranking details for every top seller in your niche.

9. If it’s not digital, you’re not reading it.

10. You suddenly turn into an early riser so you can crank out writing before anyone else is up.

11. You spent so much time perfecting your WordPress site, you can now teach a course on it.