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I’m Courtney Kenney, author and book launch consultant. Like you, I’m on the author’s journey. My focus is to improve my craft, learn new marketing techniques, and sell more books as I grow my authorpreneur business. I want to share what I’ve learned to help you become a more productive and prosperous author.

Establish a Morning Routine

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An excerpt from my book Layoff Reboot:   Establish a Morning Routine This was a game changer for me. Once my job ended, I felt a bit lost. I spent two weeks feeling sorry for myself and wondering what to do. I cleaned up some of the clutter in my house, but nothing was moving me [...]

3 Simple Steps to Focus and Get on Track with your Writing

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When you’re a creative person full of ideas, you can get overwhelmed. It’s important to focus and finish what you start. Here are 3 simple ways to stay focused on your writing.

How to Rescue a Struggling Project

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When we're faced with a struggling project at work, we look for root cause, and then determine ways to improve. The same principles can apply to the projects we tackle in our personal lives. Learn 6 ideas for rescuing a struggling project.

Growth Mindset: How to Thrive When Faced with Setbacks and Challenges

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Struggling with setbacks and challenges? A shift in thinking called growth mindset can help you overcome, and even thrive in tough situations.

The Most Important 15 Minutes of Your Day

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When we lose focus on our habits, we feel lost. Blocked. Stuck. We start over again because we are resilient. Start building your habit over again with just 15 minutes a day--the most important 15 minutes of your day.

7 Ideas to Start Your Morning Routine

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A morning routine is essential to personal productivity. Successful people use morning routines to jump start their day. Here are 7 ideas to start a morning routine that will help you get focused and increase your productivity.

How to Stay Focused on Your Goals When You Get Bored or Distracted

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Are you working toward your goals for the year, but find yourself getting sidetracked? If you're having trouble staying on track, 3 simple questions can help you stay focused on your goals when you get bored or distracted.

27 Things I Learned from a Layoff

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In early 2015, my company eliminated my job along with another 3 dozen or so of my colleagues. I had worked there for 15 years, and it came as a shock. Here are 27 things I learned from a layoff.

Self-Publish using Draft2Digital

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Why limit yourself to Amazon? Go wide with your distribution. Draft2Digital offers indie authors simple tools to publish books.

7 Tips for a Bestselling Book Launch

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There are 4 million+ Kindle books on Amazon today. Self-publishing basics such as quality cover design, keyword optimization, and professional editing are now the price of entry for self-publishing. If you launch a garbage book--if you cut corners--you're going to see lackluster sales, or worse: terrible reviews. Here are 7 tips for a bestselling book launch.