Takeaways from the 2017 20 Books Vegas Conference

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The indie author community is strong and thriving! Do you have what it takes to make a living with your writing? Find out my takeaways from the 2017 20 Books Vegas Conference. In early November, my husband and I flew to Las Vegas to attend the first annual conference of the 20Booksto50K Facebook group. The first official [...]

Growth Mindset: How to Thrive When Faced with Setbacks and Challenges

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Struggling with setbacks and challenges? A shift in thinking called growth mindset can help you overcome, and even thrive in tough situations.

Get Instagram Likes and Followers Fast

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Use this quick tip to increase your followers and generate likes on Instagram--a powerful tool for marketing your business brand, services, or your book.

I Got Laid Off and Wrote a Book in 30 Days

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A month ago, my company laid me off after fifteen years. At first, I was surprised and disappointed, but then I turned my experience into a positive one. I wrote a book about my journey called, “Layoff Reboot: How I Skipped the Job Search and Discovered What I Love.” Book available via Amazon.com  I gave myself [...]