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I’m Courtney Kenney, author and book launch consultant. Like you, I’m on the author’s journey. My focus is to improve my craft, learn new marketing techniques, and sell more books as I grow my authorpreneur business. I want to share what I’ve learned to help you become a more productive and prosperous author.

Create Space in Your Life to Become a More Productive Writer in 3 Steps

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How does one become a more productive writer? Often, I found myself banging my head against the wall as I struggled to find time for writing. Or when I faced a blank sheet of paper and felt creatively drained. Recently I've increased my word count significantly. I discovered how to create space in my own life to write [...]

15 Tips for Effective Project Management

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How do some entrepreneurs, authors, and business owners seem to pull off successful projects and yet barely seem to break a sweat? They make it look easy, while the rest of us are left wondering how we could duplicate their project success. How can we learn from them and manage our projects more effectively? Let's remove the mystery. Here are 15 [...]

How to Survive NanoWriMo. Learn How to Stay Sane

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  November 1 came around. You started NanoWriMo like a champ. This time, your outline was ready. You wrote every day and the words flowed forth onto your screen lost your sanity. Perfectly normal when trying to write at least 1,667 words per day for an entire month!  You are not alone! You can survive NaNoWriMo and [...]

When You Have Someone Else’s Dream Job

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  I knew I had someone else's dream job when I hyperventilated during a presentation. Struggling to gather my breath and embarrassed, I managed to finish my speech without being carted away in a stretcher. Something changed in me that day. I felt like a failure at my latest job. I tried to make it work [...]

Climb Out of the Writer Cave

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Dear writer, writing is tough. You know it's not easy, you work hard, and yet still struggle. We must not give up. Keep fighting your way out of the cave!

Establish a Morning Routine

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An excerpt from my book Layoff Reboot:   Establish a Morning Routine This was a game changer for me. Once my job ended, I felt a bit lost. I spent two weeks feeling sorry for myself and wondering what to do. I cleaned up some of the clutter in my house, but nothing was moving me [...]

3 Simple Steps to Focus and Get on Track with your Writing

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When you’re a creative person full of ideas, you can get overwhelmed. It’s important to focus and finish what you start. Here are 3 simple ways to stay focused on your writing.

How to Rescue a Struggling Project

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When we're faced with a struggling project at work, we look for root cause, and then determine ways to improve. The same principles can apply to the projects we tackle in our personal lives. Learn 6 ideas for rescuing a struggling project.

Growth Mindset: How to Thrive When Faced with Setbacks and Challenges

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Struggling with setbacks and challenges? A shift in thinking called growth mindset can help you overcome, and even thrive in tough situations.

The Most Important 15 Minutes of Your Day

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When we lose focus on our habits, we feel lost. Blocked. Stuck. We start over again because we are resilient. Start building your habit over again with just 15 minutes a day--the most important 15 minutes of your day.