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Sometimes in the process of telling a tale, it’s easy to lose sight of your characters. Particularly if you’re a task-oriented person like me who wants to keep the story moving. With my last title, Ladies Man, I easily mapped out the plot, but writing the heroine, Julie Wahl, was a challenge. Maybe because her life as a single mom with teens hit too close to home.

Since making lists usually works for me, I started a list of her likes and dislikes. It didn’t work. Finally, I set aside my notebook and grabbed my cell. Soon Julie had her own playlist on my phone.

Since Ladies Man is all about West Coast Swing, Julie’s tunes included music from Carrie Underwood and the Zac Brown Band. But the song that fit her best, was “Silver Lining” by Kacey Musgraves particularly the lyric, “If you want to fill up your bottle with lightning, you’re gonna have to stand in the rain.” This song about finding the courage to search for love through life’s struggles captured my heroine in a way that a checklist never could.

Right now, I’m wrapping up the final edits on Wedding Tango. As you can imagine, my Pandora channel is set on Tango. With this project, the challenge has been with setting rather than characters. Much of the story is set in Buenos Aires and I live in Reno, but the music takes me there. So the next time you’re struggling on your writing journey, let your characters pick the music.

How Music Helps Your Writing

Ladies Man is Book Two in the Rhythm & Romance Series

Clark Stevens has always had a way with women, but his teenage daughter despises him. When his daughter comes to live with him fulltime, he enlists co-worker, Julie Wahl, to coach him on parenting skills.

As a single mom and paralegal, Julie, has successfully balanced family, work and swing dancing. After heartbreak on the dance floor, the last thing Julie needs is an office romance. But she can hardly say no to a colleague in need, especially one with dark brown eyes and a killer grin.

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How Music Helps Your writingAbout the Author
Susan Winters balances writing with working as a paralegal. In her work for local magazines and indie newspapers, she has interviewed rock divas and cowboy crooners. She is the author of Mixed Blessings and Ever After. As Mariposa Cruz, she writes contemporary romance including Package Deal and Ladies Man. She writes, works, and dances salsa in Reno, Nevada.

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How Music Helps Your Writing

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