As we journey down the path of becoming successful authorpreneurs, we often get caught up in comparing ourselves to others who seem to be ahead of us. Known as “comparisonitis,” it’s easy to let feelings of inferiority get in the way of moving forward. 

I like to imagine an actual little devil on my shoulder whispering negative things in my ear every time I look at another author who is killing it or creating amazing content. The comparisonitis little devil says, “Why didn’t you think of that?!”


Does this happen to you? Comparisonitis is a vicious cycle because we feel that we’re not doing enough when we probably haven’t properly recognized all our fabulous accomplishments.

Check out my short video for a quick trick to make sure you are noting all the great things you’re doing. Take time to celebrate your wins!

When comparisonitis happens, I imagine a little writing angel on my other shoulder who says, “What can you learn from this?” I keep a list in Evernote that I use to write down a few takeaways and ideas from the author’s success.


Try this tactic the next time you feel comparisonitis rearing its ugly head. Shifting your perspective to focus on what you can learn is good because you are taking action (instead of stewing and letting negative thoughts build up).

Turn your envy into purpose. 

How well do you embrace the journey? Becoming a writer, starting your own business, and other leaps of faith are not easy. In fact, it’s the hardest work you may ever do.

For most of us who choose to go solo, the pay is terrible or nonexistent until you get more practice and experience. Most people try and then quit.

There is no get-rich-quick scheme. You have to keep showing up and doing the work.

Going the entrepreneurial route is tough. You can let comparisonitis hold you back, or you can shift your thinking and use the success of others to transform your journey.

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