A walk down my gorgeous street on a late summer day

A walk down my gorgeous street on a late summer day

I am loving the power of Instagram to generate buzz and plan to start using it for marketing my books and other writing projects.

Are you starting a business or have a book to market? Try this quick tip.

Did you know you can increase your Instagram likes and followers by using popular or trending hashtags? This page lists the highest ranking hashtags and you can use up to 30 tags in a single post.

As a quick experiment, I posted a photo this morning of a walk I took. My street happened to be sun-drenched and beautiful so I added several popular tags as shown below.

Use lots of popular hashtags for maximum effect on Instagram

Within 10 minutes, I had 7 likes to my photo and another follower. I wish I could say my personal account gets the same attention, but no such luck.

The nice thing about Instagram is when you add hashtags, you can see how popular your tag is as soon as you start typing it.  When I start promoting my next book, I’ll look for popular tags such as writing, ebooks, Kindle, self-publishing, etc to reach people who may want my book.

Instagram can be a useful tool and I hope you check it out. Let me know how it goes.