Authors, have you heard advice to blog and write guest articles and produce other content like newsletters? And this is ON TOP of the books you need to write.

It’s never-ending, right?

One of the keys to success for writers is to produce content consistently.

And whether you write books, blogs, or screenplays, planning your production schedule can make a HUGE difference in your productivity and ultimately your success.

Authors who operate at an elite level plan their content weeks, even months, in advance.

There is power in writing down your plans. Create a CONTENT CALENDAR.

This could be as simple as a Google doc that you create where you list out what you are producing each month. 

Or you can use a paper calendar if you prefer. I do! Keeping it old school:-)

Write down your ideas about the books you plan to release, blog topic ideas, newsletters and so on.

Over time you'll appreciate how organized this makes you and when new ideas come up, or you get requests from others, always refer to your calendar to check your availability

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