I spend time each week generating new Amazon ads for my novels and books. These books are my assets—my employees. As the boss of my business, it’s up to me to keep going by promoting them.

Paid ads on Amazon, in my opinion, are the fastest, cheapest way to convert people who are browsing into book buyers.

I keep a list of all the ads I create. As of this writing, I have 50 ads in the U.S. across 6 titles and 15 in the UK.

Ideas for keywords can come from lots of places…

You can create an ad report from your current keywords and learn what’s working.
  • Bookbub’s daily deals get a lot of traffic.
  • New also bought for your books.
  • Goodreads has new release lists and most-read.
  • Amazon charts, NYT, Publishers Weekly are sources for new titles.
  • Top author lists on Amazon are great for mining.

The more popular the author and their titles, the more competitive your ad bid will need to be. To keep cost down, it’s crucial to keep mining new keywords that haven’t yet become saturated.