Do you struggle to get words on the page? 

Are you a writer with a lot of ideas, and you love STARTING writing projects but have difficulty seeing them to completion?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. I’m an author who struggled for a long time to finish a novel. 

I’d start, feel like I was on a roll and then I’d crash and burn.

Here’s my 3-step approach to get more writing done and FINISH your projects. My approach has helped me complete 8 fiction and non-fiction books while running a business that helps other authors launch their books.

1. Block the time. 

You must set aside focused time. Maybe mornings work best for you.

Or could you write during your lunch break? Or evenings when the family hits the sack?

Is there something else in your life that you could give up—even temporarily—in order to devote time to writing?

However you manage it, schedule the time on your calendar and honor it as if it’s an appointment with the most important person in your life.

2. Avoid Blank-Page Syndrome! Prepare.

Sitting down to write and staring at a blank screen is one of the worst feelings in the world.

So, don’t do it! Instead, spend a little time brainstorming ideas. 

If you’re tackling a book, OUTLINE first. There are a ton of books out there about outlining. I recommend Plot Gardening by Chris Fox for fiction and How to Write a Non-Fiction Book by Joanna Penn for non-fiction.

3. Track those words

What gets measured gets DONE. This is a management principle that’s endured the test of time.

The book The Compound Effect, talks about how little behaviors over time, add up to huge accomplishments. 

Track your word count each time you write. If you can’t write every day, that’s okay. Any days with writing are a win. Don’t beat yourself up, but DO track your progress.

I use a Google Doc, but you can use a simple notebook or just use the notes on your phone.

To recap: 

1) When you block your time, you show up. 

2) Spend some time planning what you’ll write. Think of an outline as your compass. 

3) Track your time, so you improve over time and make your habit stick.

I hope this short video helped you today. I share productivity tips like this all the time on my website, Project Manager Writer. 

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