Amazon Ad Tips

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Paid ads on Amazon, in my opinion, are the fastest, cheapest way to convert people who are browsing into book buyers.

Problems to Solve

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When something isn’t going the way we expected, we often get frustrated, blame others, and give up (or really, really want to quit). Instead, you can seek to understand what went wrong. Listening with open ears and asking for help/advice can let you change tactics fast. And recover. Even when a deadline is racing your way, [...]

The Big Picture

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“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” -Bill Gates. What's ahead for you in the next decade?

Vision Boards – Why They Work

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The act of creating a vision board helps you reach your goals. You can create one in just a few minutes.

Waiting for Perfect

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Have you ever struggled to press the “send” button on your art? Whether it's a book, painting, sculpture, or blog post, many of us struggle to release our work into the world. Even sending an email asking someone for help is hard (there's one sitting in my draft folder right now that I've stared at 18 [...]

10 Things the Experts Don’t Tell You About Creativity

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Does your life feel stuck on repeat? Do you wake each morning to live out what seems like the same day? Maybe you seem stuck like Bill Murray's character in the 1993 movie Groundhog Day. Maybe you feel like something in your life is missing. You’re not alone. Creativity is the missing ingredient for many of [...]

Nail Your Next Book Launch with this 1 Simple Question

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95% of authors don't know what to expect during a book launch—especially a new author. This 1 simple question--asked while you're still writing your book--can save you time and wasted effort. Discover how to nail your book launch.

7 Ways to Get Past the Saggy Middle of Your Story – Novel writing tips

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Writing through the "saggy middle" can be difficult. Here are 7 ways to break past your inner critic and write better, faster middles!

What Did You Do Today?

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2 awesome ways to get more creative work done, in the time you have!

Do You Have First Draft Fear of Failure?

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Ever gotten halfway through writing a novel only to freak out? Discover how to break through first draft FOF-- Fear of Failure.