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Looking to change your job and find more meaningful work?

Maybe you don’t know what to do next because you were suddenly laid off?

I know how scary this can feel! After years of hard work, my company laid me off after 15 years. 

Needless to say, I was shocked and had no idea what to do next…


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As difficult as it was to face unexpected change, there was a silver lining: I took time to pause and think.

What had I been doing? Where was I heading?

Did I even like my old job? After reflection, the honest answer was NO.

I came out better and stronger after my layoff because I took the time to reboot and course correct my path. And you can too.

That’s why I wrote Layoff Reboot–to help people like you find your way. Whether you lost your job too, or you’re stuck in the wrong job and contemplating a change, this book can help.

Layoff Reboot is a step-by-step guide for discovering what you love to do.

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I hope you enjoy the practical tips found in my book to help you pursue your own path. There are tools so you can:

–>Create an action plan to reboot your career and life

–>Discover your most passionate interests

–>Learn what energizes and excites you, so you can go after what you want in your next job or make a change if you’re unhappy in your current job

Hear what readers are saying:

“an inspiring book that guides those who have been laid off or who are looking to make a career change.”

“explores what is possible instead of what is impossible to help you find work you enjoy doing.”

“informative, inspirational and easy-to-read…clearly illustrates an excellent method for getting “unstuck” for anyone who finds themselves suddenly unemployed.”

“Project management for your life!”

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