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Is writing a book on your bucket list? Do you have book drafts collecting dust in a drawer? Are you an entrepreneur in need of a book to attract more customers?
Whatever your reason for wanting to write a book, the process can seem overwhelming. But the truth is, it’s not that hard to write a book once you break down the process into small chunks. When I started out to write my first book, I became inundated with self-publishing how-to advice, courses, and ads. I spent countless hours sifting through information and wrote Unleash Your Author as a guide to simplify the process of writing and self-publishing a book.
Court_profile_2015_09I spent 16 years as a project manager working for global technology companies. I know that significant work doesn’t get done unless there’s a plan. With that in mind, I wrote and launched 3 books in less than 6 months. My first book reached the top 5 on Amazon in the job hunting category. Books can earn you passive income, and are your intellectual property which you can pass down to your family someday.
Whether you’re a first-time or an experienced author, I’m confident the tools in Unleash Your Author will help you. I provide you a 30-day plan to WRITE your book when you join my reader community.

Unleash Your Author: Write a Book in 30 Days
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Praise for Unleash Your Author:

“I wish I’d read this before starting my own self-publishing journey six months ago – I would have saved some time! And her project management idea is GOLD!” –Lisa F., Writer

“This book will help you get started… stay strong… and do whatever it takes to adopt an unwavering, positive mindset.” –Matt Gersper, Author and Founder of Happy Living

“Concise, understandable, and fun to read.” –Drew Purdum, Author of Beyond the Page

“If you’ve ever thought of writing a book, this amazing resource will assist you in organizing your thoughts, getting started, writing, and finishing your book!” –Claudia Svartefoss, Amazon bestelling author of Positively Perfect

“This book will help you understand why you are writing and the necessary steps to follow in order to actually write it.” –Francisco Serrano, Author of Brain-Ding the Strategy

“The project management practices applied to writing a book make it easier to set goals, develop a plan, and implement it without confusion.” –Theodore Roach, Amazon bestselling author of Book Launch Marketing

“For all the indie authors out there – don’t be put off by the process – read Author Unleashed!!” –Kylie Ansett, Author of Bodyworker’s Success Blueprint

“As a beginning writer, I found Courtney Kenney’s book Author Unleashed encouraging and informative.” –Lilly Brock, Author of Food Gift Recipes from Nature’s Bounty

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